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    We will make your property eye-catching and we will ensure that it attracts THE RIGHT CLIENTS AS SOON AS IT GOES TO MARKET.

    Thanks to our experience and careful monitoring of the market, we are able to find the right tenant for your property, at a satisfactory price and within a set timescale. Rest assured, you will hand over the keys to your home to the most suitable people.

    We work with and provide services to owners of homes, flats, office and industrial spaces.

    Contact us today. All it takes is 15 minutes of your time to begin the process of creating a marketing plan for your property. We will then develop a dedicated rental strategy to give you the confidence that only the right people – potential tenants – will view your home.

    We find solutions for companies and property owners interested in renting for a period of fewer than 6 months.

    The rental process
    in 6 simple steps:


    Contact us to discuss your expectations. WE CAN THEN HELP WITH VALUING YOUR PROPERTY.

    To begin, we need to establish a realistic value of the property you plan to rent.  This is the basis for creating a strategy in terms of achieving the right price or renting your property as quickly as possible. It may be the case that your expectations are not in line with current market trends. There are many factors that determine the rental price. The most important of them include location, area, equipment, technical condition and legal status. Buyers and sellers may have their own individual preferences, therefore the estimated valuation is purely indicative.


    Unikat proposes and agrees a sales strategy with you.

    In a face-to-face conversation, we define your goals and expectations. It is very important for us – to talk, to understand you and your needs. Getting the highest possible rental price is not always a priority. It may be the case, that some homeowners want to rent as quickly as possible at a satisfactory price or to choose the most suitable tenant. Express your expectations openly, and we will scrupulously take them into account in the rental strategy. We assure you that your goals as a homeowner will be achieved within set financial targets and within the set time frames.


    Prepare your property for rental. Your property may require minor adjustments to appeal to potential tenants. 

    The first point of contact with an offer is very often decisive and determines the tenant’s interest. Your property should be prepared for rental in an appropriate manner. Our adviser will help you. In accordance with the adopted rental strategy, we will develop an appropriate look for the offer. We know from our experience that small changes in interior design (Home Staging), refreshing or minor renovation may significantly shorten the actual rental time, even by half, and increase the estimated price, even by 10%. It is worth remembering this.


    Unikat promotes your property through the most appropriate channels among the most likely tenants.

    The next element of the rental strategy is to promote your offer. The manner of presentation and the quality of the materials, in particular, the quality of the photos of your home are crucial. On request, we can prepare property plans, arrange a professional photo shoot session, prepare a virtual walk-through of your property and offer Home Staging solutions. The offer we prepare will appear, among others, on selected industry portals and social media, to reach the right audience – potential tenants of your property. UNIKAT will guide you through the whole negotiation process and make sure that the transaction is the best possible one for you.


    Preparing necessary documentation for rental and payment arrangement.

    Our agents and advisors will help you prepare an appropriate rental agreement. They will be waiting for signatures – yours and the buyer’s.


    Closing the transaction - the keys to your home are in safe hands.

    Your property is rented. Goal achieved. We are happy to have acted as your advisor and guide on this journey together. Stay with us – become an UNIKAT Ambassador and join the esteemed group of our satisfied customers who have trusted us, and know that we can be counted on and confidently recommend us to others.


    We offer a wide range of services on the real estate market.

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