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Home Staging in Warsaw

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    Home Staging in Warsaw is becoming increasingly popular. Home Staging refers to professional preparation of real estate for rental or a quick sale. Are you planning to sell or to rent a flat, a house or a studio in Warsaw and do you want to maximise their price or rent? It is well worth preparing the interior in an appropriate and professional manner so that it creates a WOW effect for the buyer or tenant on first contact with the property!

    Home Staging in Warsaw is becoming increasingly popular

    Home Staging services are becoming more and more common in Warsaw. Statistics show that properties that have been prepared in the right way sell faster, rarely go below the offer price and are simply more attractive for the target client. An interior after a makeover usually gains around 10 per cent in value. In the experience of Home Stagers, the first property price reduction during negotiations is usually higher than the proposed investment.

    The value of a well-prepared interior is invaluable and requires specialist knowledge and experience. The service does not simply consist of laying a few accessories, but is often a very elaborate process thanks to which the property becomes an attractive product on the market, attracting the attention of buyers or tenants. It is worth noting that professionally prepared interiors also serve buyers – the quality of offers on the market is higher, the full potential of the property is achieved, so the client knows where he stands and what to expect.

    Combining multiple elements to reach the target customer

    The process of preparing a property for sale or rental combines many elements that comprehensively create the end result. Home Staging, as it may seem to many people, is not just interior design and a photo shoot. The person preparing the property knows the real estate market very well, is able to determine the costs associated with increasing the value of the property and, most importantly, is able to prepare the property for a given client. He or she is also an expert in preparing the property in terms of style, is well acquainted with current trends and knows how to use colours and accessories to make the interiors harmonise with each other. The process of preparing a flat for rent and for sale is different. We will also advise you on whether it is worth considering and deciding on a service at all or to what extent to implement it, because real estate is not equal and sometimes it is simply not worth the extra costs.

    Home Staging in Warsaw – professional preparation of real estate for sale or rental with Unikat

    Unikat offers Home Staging services in Warsaw, cooperating in this area with Elwira Zwolińska, a professional Home Stager. As part of our cooperation with clients, we carry out projects and interior metamorphoses of flats and houses both for sale and for rent. Our common task is to bring to light the potential of each property, to show its assets, so that the potential client, sees its value. We help owners prepare interiors that will not only attract the attention of a potential client, but also increase the value of the property. First impressions count, and you can only make one. The customer decides whether or not they like a property within the first 90 seconds, so what they see must appeal to them.

    Positive impact on the transaction

    Statistics and data show that the service of properly preparing a property for sale or rental is profitable for property owners. The following statistics (from the US real estate market), show the scale of the impact of the service on the transaction:

    According to the NAR Report: ‘2021 Profile of Home Staging’ conducted among agents operating in the US real estate market:

    If you are considering selling or letting your property and want your home to catch the eye of potential buyers it is worth considering having it professionally prepared for the process. We would be happy to discuss how your property can become an attractive product on the market and suggest the most appropriate solution.

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