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A British work ethic in the Warsaw real estate market

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We have lived, worked and studied in London and Warsaw. We now want to use our knowledge and experience in Warsaw's real estate market to best assist our clients in Warsaw's real estate market.

Our Clients are
Our Pride

Our clients are our pride. By meeting our client's expectations, we believe that they will share a good word about UNIKAT and become ambassadors of our brand.

Our word is our bond

We don't beat around the bush, our word is binding. We treat you and your time with respect, you can count on us at every stage of the transaction.

Take one for the team

At the core of UNIKAT, we have a team well prepared for its tasks. In our team, there is an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. We strive to provide our clients with services of the highest quality.


Alexander Kijowski
UNIKAT Partner


In the 1980s (from 1984) Alexander was involved in building Celebrity Speakers / now Global Speakers Bureau. As a co-founder of the company, he was responsible for the start-up and development of an organisation that has grown to become a leading business speaker/lecturer agency that continues to thrive today.

An important experience of this period was cooperation with PR directors, sales directors, general directors of the 100 largest listed companies in Great Britain and the recruitment of business leaders for corporate events. It is significant from the perspective of events, education and seminars planned by Unikat.

Since 1991 Alexander represented leading British companies in their sector in Poland. During this time, he has gained experience in working with clients from the state administration (government, ministries) and banks in implementing advanced IT solutions. Knowledge of business requirements of this scale will be a helpful and effective tool for Unikat in contact with corporate investors, developers, and government bodies in Poland.

Focusing on business development in Poland, in 2004 Alexander took the opportunity to purchase shares in Unikat. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, the well-perceived agency could not continue to function until 2021, the year the company was taken over by the Kijowski family, fully rebranded and re-entered the market. From now on, a new Unikat has been operating, adapted to the new times - modern conditions and challenges.

Alexander's project portfolio includes, among others: consulting (Business Development Poland), market entry services, strategic sales, cooperation with large investment firms, supervision of high-level transactions, and government projects, including privatisation.

Alexander's passions and interests after hours include musical theatre and classic cars. Apart from that, he is interested in everything that is special and unique. He dreams of a trip around the world in his favourite Toyota LC80, however for the time being focuses on the development of his family business - the Unikat agency.

Adam Kijowski
UNIKAT Partner


Adam studied at University College London, where he obtained master's level degrees in mechanical engineering and in technology entrepreneurship.

His engineering studies help him to better understand processes and technology, which Adam seamlessly combines with his innate talent for business and interest in economics. Among other things, he was employed as a business analyst at a thriving Polish HR start-up.

Adam now uses his skills as a co-manager of Unikat, introducing a number of innovative solutions aimed at improving the quality of service and providing clients with tailor-made real estate offers.

Elwira Zwolińska Home Stager


Home stager, designer and interior decorator, wife and mother of six. Master's degree in law. In cooperation with UNIKAT clients, she carries out home staging projects and interior metamorphoses. In her projects, she loves to play with colours and different structures. She loves fabrics. In her projects, she pays particular attention to functionality, without which any interior can become a trap. In her work as a home stager, she always tries to bring the potential of a property to light, to positively surprise. She helps owners prepare an interior that will not only delight a potential client but also increase the value of the property.

She also participates in the training process for one of the training courses that educate future home stagers. She also runs a rental company with decorative accessories. She has been awarded in international home staging competitions. She is Vice President of OSHS - The Polish Association of Home Stagers and a member of IHASP Europe - International Association of Home Staging Professionals. In her free time, she enjoys reanimating old furniture and designing new furniture.

Janusz Kania Specialist mortgage advisor


I specialise in mortgages, corporate and cash loans. Working at Customs taught me how to use the law and interpret it correctly. At PKO BP Bank, I worked as a mortgage advisor. I learnt how to recognise customers' needs and how to meet them properly by matching the loan to the customers' expectations. Honesty and sincerity towards the customer are most important to me.

While helping clients, I work for my name and their trust. Clients returning to me time and time again, often after many years, reassure me that this attitude is the most appropriate. I am well aware that only satisfied clients will continue to recommend me. The most encouraging thing for me is when a client whom I helped years ago comes back because he needs a loan for his now grown-up child. Sometimes they come back because of a change in their life situation, e.g. a need to change to a bigger property or a situation caused by a divorce.