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    We know how important it is to find your dream home, a property which suits your expectations and, moreover, in the right location and within your budget.

    Your peace of mind is assured - we will find a home and space tailored to your needs. Contact us today - we will discuss and specify your exact expectations and requirements. It shouldn't take any more than 15 minutes.

    Everyone is looking for something different, some people like houses in the suburbs, others like historic tenement houses/townhouses in the city centre. There are many possibilities. If you already know where and how you want to live, please contact us. Create your profile and use the contact form.

    We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss and specify your expectations so that you can take advantage of our database of offers / so that you can use our database of offers. We will select the best property to meet your needs.

    At Unikat we develop solutions for entrepreneurs, companies, students and people looking for short-term rentals. We also cater for landlords who due to a lack of time prefer to entrust the management of their tenancy to an agency, and to many, many others who seek a trusted guide and the best real estate advice.

    Here are some
    tips for you:



    Imagine your dream property/house and try to describe it – write down your priorities including your budget.



    Plan in advance what the property/house is to be used for, and where it should be located. When choosing a property, location is key.


    Location, Location, Location

    Check the location with regard to your daily routines. The distance from your children’s school, your office, public transportation, shopping, services, cultural facilities, and medical care may be important.




    Consider property rental prices in the given location. Unikat will advise you on estimated market prices and negotiation possibilities.


    Trust UNIKAT

    Refine your search. Register your profile with Unikat. Fill in the questionnaire. Then book an in-depth consultation with one of our agents to discuss your individual requirements. This will be the best guarantee that together we are getting closer, step by step to finding your dream home.


    Remember that we can also help and guide you in the areas of liveability, financial and legal advice.

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