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We are looking to work with trusted partners in the real estate market. We offer transparent terms of cooperation that clearly state profits owing for every "lead" supplied which materialises into a transaction.

We are interested in cooperating with companies offering mortgages, law firms, notaries, architects and interior designers.

In order to continuously improve levels of service, we would like to work with companies offering IT solutions with a focus on new technology applications in the property market (Property Technology).

We also invite private and institutional investors with the view of developing business opportunities together with UNIKAT.

We are waiting for you, call us on 22 290 20 10 or fill out a contact form

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Unique career path with UNIKAT

Are you ambitious and meticulous, open to people and new challenges? We are looking for real estate agents who would like to co-create UNIKAT with us and earn the title of the leading real estate agency in Warsaw.

For real estate agents no previous experience in the Real Estate market is required as comprehensive training will be provided, we encourage candidates with a good work ethic and high business standards to get in touch.

Unikat is on the lookout also for customer support agents to deal with the immediate needs of our clients, if you have a good telephone manner and attention to detail we would love to hear from you. No previous experience is necessary
as comprehensive training will be provided to the right candidates.

Unikat is also on the lookout for property profilers to visit clients, where applicable take photographs of a property, put together property descriptions and prepare offers. If you have good communication skills, an eye for detail and love property we would like to hear from you. No previous experience is necessary as comprehensive training will be provided to the right candidates.

We are planning courses, seminars and workshops for future UNIKAT partners keep an eye on our BLOG to see if this is the right opportunity for you!

We would love to hear from you, call us on 22 290 20 10 or fill out a contact form

Get to know UNIKAT About Us


The purpose of UNIKAT’s Code of Ethics is to provide UNIKAT clients with the highest level of protection and quality of services in real estate brokerage.



  1. For the purposes of this Code, an associate of UNIKAT (hereinafter referred to as the “Associate”) is a person cooperating with UNIKAT in the scope of activities related to real estate brokerage and performing or supporting activities aimed at making legal actions by UNIKAT’s clients regarding rights to real estate, i.e. :
    •  purchase or sale of the right to real estate,
    •   rent or lease of real estate or parts of real estate,
    •   acquisition or disposal of a cooperative ownership right to premises,
    •   other activities related to the right to real estate or parts thereof.
  1. An Associate is a person cooperating with UNIKAT on the basis of an employment contract, agency contract, contract of mandate, contract for specific work, as well as on the basis of any other cooperation contract related to real estate brokerage.
  2. For the purposes of this Code, real estate also means the cooperative ownership right to premises, the expectative of the cooperative ownership right to premises, as well as the right resulting from the contract concluded with a developer for the construction of a house, residential or commercial premises.



  1. An associate performing professional activities in cooperation with UNIKAT, included in the agency agreement with the client, demonstrates competence, high personal culture and professionalism.
  2. An associate is obliged to comply with the law. The Associate is obliged to refuse to perform actions that are inconsistent with the law and the provisions of this Code.
  3. An Associate performs activities with special care, in accordance with the provisions of this Code, without exposing the client to any form of liability.
  4. An Associate knows, analyses and anticipates the market situation in order to ensure the highest quality of services in connection with the correct performance of the brokerage agreement.
  5. An Associate strives to improve their skills and qualifications by participating in training, conferences or other events organized by UNIKAT.
  6. An Associate does not perform activities beyond their knowledge and experience and competence unless they obtain the client’s consent to perform these activities in cooperation with a specialist in such a field.
  7. An Associate is obliged to abide by the confidentiality agreement and does not disclose or use information constituting the confidential information of UNIKAT.



  1. An Associate does not discriminate against clients or third parties on the basis of race, religion, sex, origin or any other characteristic.
  2. An Associate always discloses their status as a real estate agent and informs the client about the rules for the provision of services in cooperation with UNIKAT.
  3. An Associate conducts a thorough interview and verification of a potential client.
  4. In dealings with UNIKAT clients, an Associate always protects the interests of persons for whom he acts as an intermediary. An associate is ethical and prudent in treating all parties to a transaction fairly.
  5. An Associate does not perform activities that may harm the client in any way.
  6. An Associate does not conceal any information regarding the subject of the agreement that could mislead the client and at the same time provides comprehensive answers to the client’s questions.
  7. An associate who acts as an intermediary cannot be a party to the transaction.
  8. Before concluding an intermediation agreement with an exclusivity clause, the Associate is obliged to inform the potential client about the consequences of entering this clause into the agreement.
  9. Before concluding an intermediation agreement, an Associate should obtain information from a potential client about whether a given property is not the subject of a separate agency agreement with an exclusivity clause.
  10. During the performance of the contract, the Associate may not undertake, without the prior knowledge and consent of the client, additional paid services or goods, for which the client is to be charged.
  11. Information that is not publicly available and is obtained by the Associate while performing real estate brokerage activities constitutes confidential information. This information may be disclosed in cases provided for by law and when providing information necessary for the proper performance of intermediation activities that may affect the transaction.



  1. An associate maintains good relations with other real estate agents based on the principles of fair competition, loyalty and respect.
  2. An Associate, cooperating with other intermediaries, abides by the principles of fair competition, loyalty and respect.
  3. An associate speaks moderately about the activities of other real estate agents and agencies, maintaining objectivity.
  4. An Associate shall not make misleading statements about other real estate agents and agencies or their practices.
  5. An Associate does not enter into conflict with other real estate agents, in particular one that could violate the client’s interest.
  6. An Associate does not perform activities that may infringe the personal rights of another real estate agent.
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