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Imagine your dream property/house and try to describe it – write down your priorities including your budget.



Plan in advance what the property/house is to be used for, and where it should be located. When choosing a property, location is key.


Location, Location, Location

Check the location with regard to your daily routines. The distance from your children’s school, your office, public transportation, shopping, services, cultural facilities, and medical care may be important.



Consider property prices in the given location. Unikat will advise you on estimated market prices and negotiation possibilities.



Refine your search. Register your profile with Unikat. Fill in the questionnaire. Then book an in-depth consultation with one of our agents to discuss your individual requirements. This will be the best guarantee that together we are getting closer, step by step to finding your dream home.


Remember that we can also help and guide you with issues such as liveability, as well as provide financial and legal assistance.

We offer a wide range of services on the real estate market.

Liveability advice

We offer liveability advice, i.e. what to pay attention to when looking for the most suitable place to live.

Financial advice

We work closely with banks and mortgage companies. We will help you find the right financial solution to buy your dream property.

Legal / notary advice

Our trusted partners are highly qualified lawyers with extensive experience in real estate transactions.

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