Żoliborz Artystyczny

Żoliborz Artystyczny – Why consider living here?

When searching for their dream home in Warsaw, many people start by determining the location they are interested in. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to move to the city centre or escape the urban hustle and bustle. For those who like to live close to the city’s major attractions and bustling arteries, who value access to developed infrastructure and a short commute to work or school, apartments in the agglomeration of buildings that make up the part of Żoliborz called Żoliborz Artystyczny are an interesting option.

Żoliborz Artystyczny – characteristics

Żoliborz Artystyczny is one of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Warsaw. The district is liked not only by investors but is also appreciated in rankings and competitions for its quality, original design, access to greenery and much more.

Żoliborz Artystyczny can be distinguished primarily by its modern architecture, which impresses with simple forms and unusual colours. Murals, installations, sculptures, paintings and other forms of artistic expression are noteworthy. Everything has been carefully planned by experts from the Mąka Sojka Architekci architectural studio.

There is no denying that their ideas for decorations have definitely raised the aesthetics of the buildings, which are today among the most distinctive not only in the capital but also in the whole of Poland. What’s more, such an endeavour has an educational and cognitive significance – as noted by the jury of the competition awarding the Barbara and Stanislaw Brukalski prize – the selection of paintings is not accidental. It is aimed at recognising Żoliborz artists, who originated from this part of the city.

Not only artistry – what distinguishes the Żoliborz Artystyczny District?

Of course, the visual aspects alone would be nothing if it were not for the well-thought-out urban planning solutions. This goes hand in hand with the high aesthetics of the estate and the comfort it guarantees to current and future residents. The flats within the Żoliborz Artystyczny development have been built gradually, in stages, since 2013. However, it can be seen that each of the buildings erected here is carefully planned and located in such a way as to ensure access to light and guarantee privacy for the neighbours. The combination of tradition and modernity, and the respect for historical and cultural heritage – all in the best proportions – is very tangibly visible here.

Żoliborz Artystyczny – investment details

More than 1,600 apartments have already been built as part of the Żoliborz Artystyczny development. All of them have acquired buyers very quickly – some of them have been living here for almost a decade, and others have moved in quite recently.

The flats they occupy vary in size (from studios to spacious flats to two-storey penthouses), layout, exposure to the world, size of balconies and terraces, and the view from the windows. The interesting urban space creates the conditions for integration, although, on the other hand, it is an oasis where one can calm down and relax. In the immediate vicinity, there are numerous green areas such as Lasek na Kole or Fort Bema. Everyday needs for access to shops or medical services are catered for by retail outlets and medical facilities. If you dream of living in a place with a soul, this is undoubtedly Żoliborz Artystyczny. The best thing to do is to keep an eye on the offers appearing here. The best way to do this is to entrust this task to UNIKAT real estate agency, which will be the first to find out about the planned new stage of the project by the developer Dom Development. Unikat will also track down secondary market flats for sale or rent.