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Why its worth working with a real estate agency?

Searching for your dream home is dragging on? Or perhaps the flat you have put up for sale is not attracting as much attention as you expected? Whether you want to sell or buy your property profitably, consider working with a real estate agency. There are many agencies in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district that specialise, for example, in servicing clients from a particular area of the city.

UNIKAT Real estate agency – flats for sale

Some investors, wishing to save on the costs of intermediaries, opt out of working with a real estate agency. In Żoliborz there are fewer flats available for sale compared to other districts of Warsaw. Therefore, finding a unique ‘gem’ or buyers for your property can sometimes be a challenge.

Today, the real estate market is very competitive and very demanding. You have to be able to present your offer properly – first online and then in person. The problem is the constant arranging of meetings with buyers, as this turns out to take up an incredible amount of time. What is the alternative?

This is, of course, working with a real estate agency – preferably one operating within the district you are interested in, such as Warsaw Żoliborz. A real estate agency usually has its own client base, so it will quickly present your flat to interested parties.  In addition, it knows and uses modern tools, including interactive tools for preparing offers. Finally, it takes care of much more than just placing ads and arranging appointments – it takes care of the whole business side, and also supports the buyer and seller side with the paperwork.

Buying a flat with the help of a real estate agency

Buyers should also consider looking for and buying a flat through a real estate agency. In Warsaw (Żoliborz), you will find an agency that specialises in a particular region, although, if necessary, it can definitely extend its scope of activity – not only to other districts but also to the outskirts of the capital.

What does buying a flat look like when working with an agent? It starts with making contact – you can respond to a specific advert for a property for sale or contact them directly. By phone or email, you arrange a meeting at the office, during which you present your expectations of the property. Usually, the most important parameters are:

By understanding them, the agent is more likely to find the perfect flat in the database or search the market specifically for the client.