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What factors influence real estate prices?

Are you looking to buy, sell or rent a property but don’t know its exact value? Are you wondering what factors influence the price of real estate? When and where is the rate per square metre highest, and what circumstances cause it to drop?

The value of real estate depends on many different factors. Among the most important are the location and the prevailing rates for the sale or rental of property in a given region. The attractiveness of the district in which the property is located is important. If there is a well-developed retail and service infrastructure (i.e. shops, schools, kindergartens, parks, playgrounds) in the vicinity, as well as transport infrastructure (e.g. tram, bus or metro stops), prices per square metre increase. The more leisure opportunities in the area and the more satisfied the residents, the higher the prices of real estate. On the other hand, certain urban developments, e.g. motorway construction or industrial plants, can reduce the value of a property. Rates also vary depending on the standard of the property, its technical condition, the building materials used, the floor or even the view from the window. When assessing the value of a flat, it is worth using the assistance of a real estate agency specialising in the sale of real estate in Żoliborz.