Jak działa biuro nieruchomości w Warszawie?

How does a real estate agency operate?

The real estate market continues to develop rapidly. Demand for new flats remains consistently high. The demand for long- and short-term rentals is also growing. Today, a real estate agency has to respond to new market conditions and provide much more extensive support to its clients.

A real estate agency is a company acting as an intermediary in real estate transactions. The company not only connects buyers and sellers in transactions but also offers them comprehensive support throughout the entire process of finding or selling a property. This support also includes financial, legal, notary, investment advice, assistance with property management and home staging. Finally, the agency represents its clients during negotiations and helps to finalise the process of buying, selling or renting a property. The real estate agency is paid a fee for each project completed. It is usually paid by the seller or lessor of the property, but each time the detailed rules for its payment and the amount are agreed individually. When looking for a real estate agency in Warsaw Żoliborz it is worth checking whether the agency has the necessary knowledge and know-how in the market.