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    Simply UNIKAT...

    We have been living in Żoliborz for 20 years, that is why we know it extremely well. For this reason, we will advise you on the purchase of a property like none other. Our head office is located in a beautiful tenement house in the old Żoliborz district, Pogonowskiego 18, where we invite you to discuss your requirements over a good cup of tea or coffee.

    Although we are one species, each and every one of us is unique. It is this uniqueness that largely makes us attractive to others, often making people interested in us and trying to be closer to us. We also walk our own, unique path through life. It is a journey that is one of a kind, provides unique experiences, and shapes our personality and attitudes. This uniqueness should be noticed and appreciated.

    We try to take such an approach in our agency - we place emphasis on understanding the diversity and individual needs of people looking for a place to live, which perfectly suits them.

    Unikat means "exceptional" and "unique"

    What makes us unique as an organization? The fact that we approach life and professional matters with exceptional care, and that we listen attentively to the needs of other people, especially our clients, partners and associates.

    "Believe that your ideal home is waiting for you..."

    The task is not an easy one, so we have prepared well for it. Drawing on our own experience in the real estate industry and the track record and expertise of leading agencies in the UK, we have developed a unique service model that allows us to accurately meet the expectations of clients interested in properties.

    It is based on a specialized training program for agency staff and use of advanced technological solutions in the process of searching for the most suitable real estate offers.

    The real estate industry really moves us...

    We monitor the real estate industry closely, especially in Poland and Britain. Agents should be trained in such a way that they can perfectly understand and empathize with the clients' needs. We chose this goal when we decided to relaunch Unikat.

    We want to set new standards in the real estate industry with a special emphasis on the quality of service, making the most of our life and business experience and modern technological solutions. Our aspiration is to be a trustworthy advisor and partner for clients, helping them find the unique, best offer - their dream home, a place to live or work.

    Trusted advisor and partner

    We have the know-how and extensive experience in the efficient execution of the process of acquisition, sale or lease of real estate. This allows us to guarantee our clients full security from the moment of entrusting the task to us to the finalization of the transaction, providing professional legal and mortgage advice where necessary.

    Tradition and modernity

    The culture of our agency draws on traditional values. What matters to us is the human being and the work ethos - the quality of service, understanding of needs and, as a result, the maximum satisfaction of our clients. We have experience in this.

    At the same time, we try to develop, follow the latest trends and choose the best - most user-friendly solutions. Modernity gives us unprecedented technological capabilities in the field of gathering data for offers and creating an interactively managed property search process for customers.

    Roots here and now

    Wherever fate throws us, we try to develop the best possible relations with people who form the local community, with whom we are close, with whom we live next door. For us, such a small homeland has been Żoliborz in Warsaw for many years. We have managed to put down our roots in this beautiful district of Warsaw, and we want to give a lot to its inhabitants, to the community of which we are a small part.

    This is the identity that is closest to our hearts, found after years spent in the UK. A unique treasure, the discovery of a place bringing happiness, joy, and a sense of security and development to the family. We are open, we organize meetings and plan events related to education about trends in urban planning and the real estate industry in particular.

    A new UNIKAT for new times

    We offer a new quality of services adapted to modern conditions and customer expectations. Drawing on our own experience and the expertise of leading companies in the UK, we have built a model of a real estate agency that guarantees the highest efficiency in matching residential properties (houses, apartments), office and industrial spaces to the profile of interested parties.

    New knowledge and experience

    Based on the originally created methodology of consultations with clients, we provide an in-depth analysis of their needs and expectations towards real estate, which in turn allows us to prepare offers best suited to the requirements.

    Success built by people

    At the core of UNIKAT, we have a team well prepared for its tasks. We rely on qualified people and their professionalism, and therefore we attach great importance to training within our agency.

    We hope to attract individuals from various disciplines and backgrounds, educated in different fields of study, to form a unique and great team, focused on the pursuit of excellence, professionalism and shared values. We believe that this is the best guarantee of success.

    Origin of UNIKAT

    The new Unikat is formed by people of Polish origin, who have spent a considerable part of their lives in Great Britain, where they lived, were educated and worked. The owners have a perfect combination of international business experience, entrepreneurship and engineering knowledge, which translates into a solid foundation for the company.

    The sense of human needs, friendly relations, and empathy coexist with a scientific approach to running a business based on a stable structure and well-thought-out methodology of processes. Openness towards people is enriched by structured activities and innovative use of technology. This is where the modern Unikat draws its strength from. In accordance with the spirit of current times.

    With respect for others, for their expectations and their time

    We do not show our clients properties that do not match their ideas about the property dedicated to their needs. We carefully select the properties in our database so that the chosen profile closely reflects the profile of a potential buyer - a future user.

    We show only what, according to our knowledge and analysis of expectations, can genuinely interest the customer. People, their needs and time are what matter most.


    We aim to earn the title of the best real estate agency in Warsaw through our work and achievements. By setting the highest industry standards, we want to develop our family business so that it is perceived by future generations as a valuable asset and a significant value.


    We want to help you find the perfect home for you. We have the necessary knowledge, tools, experience and tangible results. We know you are unique. We are waiting for you to discover our uniqueness, and find your dream place to live, work and relax.

    Our philosophy


    We will help you find your dream property to live or work in. To rent or to buy - depending on your needs. Buying a property is usually the biggest transaction in your life. This process can be time consuming, complicated and stressful.


    At Unikat we break with this stereotype. Whether you are buying or selling, you can count on our professional help and go through the whole process without unnecessary nerves and bad emotions.


    See for yourself that looking for a house or a client for a house can be extremely pleasant, easy, safe and, above all, effective. In our strategy, we have all the steps planned to equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions and take appropriate action.


    First, we get to know you- we listen carefully to your needs, get to know your expectations, and then, using specially created IT solutions, we search our database of offers to choose the properties best suited to you. Without unnecessary stress, with respect for you and your time.


    When providing consultancy services, we always focus on empathetic understanding. We pay attention to how different our clients are, and how different their expectations are, so you can be sure that coming to us you will be treated exceptionally well.


    Customer satisfaction is our priority, that is why we encourage you - to let yourself have this unique experience with UNIKAT! You can entrust your affairs to us with complete peace of mind, whether as an owner, buyer or tenant. We will always be your reliable advisor.  


    We strive to act in accordance with our values in our daily lives and professional work. Here are the most important of them:

    People / Community

    For us, people and their satisfaction matter most. This applies to our customers, colleagues and members of the local community, of which we are honoured and pleased to be a part.


    We operate with a work ethic. We always look after our clients' interests and never act to their detriment.

    Knowledge and professionalism

    We ensure that we have a good understanding of the needs of others, including our clients. We deepen our knowledge of the market and improve our tools to provide services of the highest quality.


    We value clear communication without ambiguity. We strive for transparency because it is at the heart of good relationships.


    We always look for the best solutions so that the result of our actions is fully satisfactory. Therefore, we plan in advance how to avoid undesirable situations and unnecessary problems.


    We set ourselves the highest standards and persistently strive to achieve them. Clearly defined goals and tasks improve our effectiveness.


    We do what we do with care and attention. We listen carefully to the needs of others and carefully select the best-suited solutions.

    Respect & Tolerance

    Our team consists of people with different backgrounds, views and beliefs. In our team, there is an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. We strive to provide our clients with services of the highest quality.